TGA collaborated with SOCA on this project and were awarded 2nd place in this international design competion.

The Bike Line is a new concept in bike sheds. A painted pink line on the ground leads cyclists to secure bike parking sheds. These lines are visual extensions of the sheds themselves and are constructed from a coiled pink line that envelops the bikes.

It aims to increase the desirability of cycling in the city, by providing bike parking that is secure, dry, comfortable to use, easy to find and visually appealing. It is a totally flexible structure that can accommodate any number of bikes, in a number of different configurations.


The Design

The design combines an iconic line drawing of a bicycle and a shed to create a spiralling hybrid structure, a bicycle stand  and enclosure in one.

The robust, and colourful construction is inspired by the materials of existing tried and tested bike structures.


At Night

 At night the enclosure is a way finding icon and is lit in two ways:

 1. The Bike Line icon is illuminated with a robust, flexible and waterproof LED tube that mimics a traditional neon sign. Safely located within the enclosure it also helps to illuminate the inside when empty.

 2. Above each bike rack a discreet linear line of white LEDs is set into the frame. A conventional PIR presence sensor controls the illumination, getting brighter as cyclists approach. This saves battery usage and dynamically illuminates and animates the Bike Line.